10 Jun 2015

Y3 GATE Group

The Year 3 GATE group have been looking at the process for the Flag Referendum in New Zealand. They have looked at the history of the flag and taken a survey to see whether people want to change the flag.

"It interests me that the flag has been around for 100 years, so I think we should change it."

"I really like how in the GATE group when you have ideas and you share them they can take you into a discussion and you learn more about the idea that you had."

"I was interested to learn that the Queen had a flag and when the Queen was away there was another flag for the Governor General."

"I was interested to learn about the New Zealand Flag history."

"I've learnt that New Zealand has lots of different flags."

"One of the first flags New Zealand had was one with the Union Jack and three stars - Flag of the United Tribes of New Zealand."

"I'm wondering why the Governor General has their own flag."

"I've learnt about many different countries flags and what they look like."

"I learnt in the video that the Governor General has their own flag."

We selected 4 nominated flags and voted on our favourite and then voted whether to replace or keep the current flag.
Which would be your choice?

On September the 4th a reporter from the NZ Herald came to interview our Year 3 GATE group about what they thought about changing our flag - They share their opinions with great thought and the following article was in the Saturday paper...

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