12 Jun 2019

2019 VAS Writers

This year we have some amazing writers from Year 4 and 6 who have entered into the 100 Word Challenge. Check out their great work on the VAS Writers Blog.

14 Sept 2017

Mathex Winners

Four Year 5 and 6 teams competed once again in the Remuera Zone Mathex Competition this term with great success. At great speed and under considerable pressure the teams race for 20 minutes to solve some very challenging maths problems. A huge congratulations to all four teams as they all did us proud. The Year 6A dis particularly winning the Year 6 competition.
The Year 6 winners!!! 

EPRO8 Challenge Success!

This term four Year 5 and 6 teams participated successfully in the heats of the EPRO8 Challenge. In this competition they worked for three hours to select from a range of problems and design solutions using a range of technological equipment. Their thinking, creativity, innovation and collaboration was impressive.
Congratulations to the 'Tech Storm' team who came in third place and 'The Children of Tech' who came first place. Both of these teams will compete in a further challenge in November.

Tech Storm came in third place
Children of Tech - Overall winners!

The Nanodragons hard at work

Well done to The Electromagnets also!

8 Aug 2017

Congratulations to Our Lit Quiz Teams!!!

On Wednesday 2 August two teams of Year 5 and 6 students took part in the Remuera Cluster Literature Quiz at St Thomas’s School. Last term the teams were provided with a prescribed list of 13 books, and all students worked extremely hard to read, understand and recall quotes, authors, characters, events and details in these books. We are very pleased to say that both teams did teams achieved extremely well in the competition. Team A came 6th (out of 28 teams) and Team B won the overall competition. We are very proud of them all!

Team A
Fiona He (Yr 6), Reeve Innes (Yr 6), Caroline Wang (Yr 5)
Sub - Duncan Isherwood (Yr 5)
Team B
George Cullen-Hieatt(Yr 6), Maya McCarthy (Yr 5), Anna Schellekens (Yr 6)
Sub - Shaelyn Greene (Yr 5)

9 Apr 2016

Creative Writers

At the end of 2015 a group of Year Three and Four writers worked with Miss Kelly to write some their own interpretations of well known stories. These are just some of the results....

‘The Nightingale’
By Fiona, Age 9, Year 4, 2015.

Based On A Story By Hans Christian Andersen
Gifted & Talented Writing: Year 3 & 4
Once there was an emperor who was very wealthy. His palace was made of the finest marble and his furniture was made of the smoothest leather. His garden had the prettiest flowers and the garden was as big as a forest. The silver bells chimed softly in the wind each day.

In the garden there was a calm lake that would always flow softly. Next to the lake was a tree with beautiful flowers that danced on the spot. In that tree there lived a nightingale who would sing with the sweetest voice. The nightingale would sit in the tree near the lake and let out its sweet, sweet voice.

If some visitors were walking past the lake they were completely amazed by the sound of such a sweet voice. The nightingale’s voice would be flowing through the air like a boat flying across the water. When they heard the nightingale’s song they would leave letters praising what they had witnessed.

One day the emperor read some of the letters and was surprised that he had such an amazing treasure in his garden. He called the Grand Chamberlain as quick as lightning eager to hear the nightingale. He ordered “Go out and find this nightingale, I wish to hear it’s sweet voice!”

The emperor’s servants searched day and night, but none of them found the little nightingale. The truth was that actually none of them had even seen or heard of the nightingale in their life. They repeatedly searched the big garden, searching for the sweet and beautiful sound of the nightingale.

A small girl who worked in the palace kitchen went to talk to the emperor’s servants. She crept up silently like a cheetah stalking it’s prey. “I know the nightingale very well, it sings such beautiful songs that they bring tears to my eyes. I hear the voice whistle from the trees next to the lake. The melody is as warm as a hot summer day,” the little girl said shyly.

The girl stepped outside into the garden. “Whoosh!” a gust of wind ran by. The girl took the men deep into the garden. They all stopped at the cry of a cow, “Moo!” The Grand Chamberlain asked “Is that the nightingale?” The little girl replied “No, that’s a cow!”
Later, “Ribbit-ribbit!” “The nightingale!” the men shouted. “No that’s a frog,” replied the girl.

The small girl took them further into the forest garden and found the nightingale. “The nightingale is over there” she whispered. Everyone was silent listening to the nightingale’s beautiful song that was as clear as a crystal bell.

The Grand Chamberlain expected a tall and elegant bird but the nightingale was short and plain grey. The nightingale agreed to live in the palace with the emperor.

Then one day the emperor received a toy nightingale made out of gold studded with rubies and diamonds. When he turned the key the toy would sing with it’s beautiful voice. The nightingale saw the emperor play and play with his new toy bird. The sad little bird flew back to the forest.

One day... “Thump!” The toy nightingale was broken. No matter how many times the key was turned, the toy bird didn’t dance or sing. The emperor called the repairman, but he just sadly shook his head.

A few years passed and the emperor had a terrible vision. He knew it was about the bad deeds he had done in the past. He had taken a real bird from his garden and made him sing each day and then replaced it with a toy bird that was prettier with jewels.

Then from his window sill was a familiar sound of the nightingale. When the emperor awoke he was happy and as light as a feather because the real nightingale had returned to be with him. The nightingale sang for the emperor again, but was allowed to return to his tree home if it wanted.

The End.

‘The Nightingale’
By Wooyoung, Age 9, Year 4, 2015.

Based On A Story by Hans Christian Andersen
Gifted & Talented Writing: Year 3 & 4
Once there was an emperor called Emperor Wang. Emperor Wang had the most beautiful palace known at the time. Its walls were made of gold and its floors were made of the finest marble. All his furniture was made with the best copper in the world. In Emperor Wang’s garden, there were lots of beautiful wild life such as swans, butterflies and pandas. There was every type of flower you could think of. Silver bells chimed in the cool breeze.

Next to the garden was a river and next to the river was a forest, and in that forest was a nightingale. The nightingale sang so sweetly that it would bring tears to your eyes.

Some visitors at the palace were touring next to the lake when they heard the nightingale’s voice that was crystal clear like the river. They left letters and pieces of poetry, praising whatever they heard.

One day the emperor read some of these writings and said “Do I have such a valuable treasure in my garden?” He immediately summoned his Grand Chamberlain to look for the nightingale. “Go find this nightingale for I shall see how sweet its voice is,” ordered Emperor Wang.

All the Grand Chamberlain’s men searched the garden but they couldn't find the marvellous nightingale. In fact, nobody had seen the wonderful nightingale, they had only heard it.

A small, stocky boy whose name was David Li, surprised the Grand Chamberlain by saying that he knew the nightingale very well. “I could take you to the nightingale if you want,” said the boy.

The small stocky boy led the subjects towards the deep beautiful woods. Moooooo - moooooo! The Grand Chamberlain asked hopefully “Is that the nightingale?” “No,” said the boy. “It’s a cow.” Further on, they heard a Ribbit - Ribbit! “The nightingale!” the Grand Chamberlain yelled. “You are unfortunately incorrect,” said the boy sadly. Suddenly there was a crystal clear sound and everyone fell silent, just listening. “That’s the nightingale!” whispered the boy.

The Grand Chamberlain expected an elegant, fine and colourful bird. But the nightingale was a plain black bird. The men of the Grand Chamberlain approached the nightingale and asked “Little nightingale, will you come to the palace where the emperor lives to sing at his party tonight?” The little nightingale replied “My songs are best heard in the forest, but for the emperor, I shall sing for him.”

Night came and the glamorous party started. The nightingale flew and sat in front of the emperor. Everyone fell silent. Then the nightingale began to sing.

The song was the sweetest, so sweet that a tear fell from the emperor’s eye. “Oh nightingale!” he cried. “Please stay!” The nightingale sung its beautiful songs each day for the emperor.

One day, the nightingale ran out of songs to sing to the emperor, so he flew away. The emperor was sad that the nightingale went, so he bought a toy nightingale. When one of his subjects turned the key, the toy nightingale flicked its tail and sang just like the nightingale.

As for the real nightingale, it went back home and summoned up more songs for the emperor.

A few years passed, and the emperor grew very ill. Everyone whispered that soon he would die. He spent all his weeks lying in his enormous bed.

One very dark night, the emperor saw a terrible vision: Death was standing at the foot of the bed, wearing the emperor’s crown. In one hand, Death was holding the emperor’s golden sword, and in the other hand, he held the emperor’s flag. “Please let it stop!” he cried. “Let the nightingale sing!” Nobody in the palace heard him.

As Death came closer, the emperor became weaker and weaker. Then he sadly died of weakness.

So there was a new emperor, who prayed, in sorrow for the dead emperor at his memorial.

The End.

‘Timmy The Lion And The Twenty-Seven Piglets’
By Reeve, Age 9, Year 4, 2015.

Based On A Story By The Brothers Grimm
Gifted & Talented Writing: Year 3 & 4

“Okay kids, I’m off to the supermarket. Wait a minute… Tommy, where’s my credit card?” questioned mother pig. “Sorry Mummy,” Tommy the piglet replied, handing over the credit card. “I’ll be thirty minutes maximum, so don’t open the door or Timmy (the yellow-footed thundery voiced lion) will try and eat you!” “Okay Mummy, bye!” called all the piglets in perfect harmony.

Five minutes after mother pig left, Timmy (the yellow-footed thundery voiced lion) invaded the (secret) location where the pig family happened to live. But, he couldn’t get the heavy iron reinforced door to budge. So eventually Timmy the lion gave up and just said “Kids I’m back and I’ve got some treats for you, so let me in!” “No way, you’re the lion Mummy warned us about. Our mother has a non-thundery voice and you’ve got the opposite! Go away NOW!” all the piglets yelled together.

So Timmy the lion ran away to his (also secret) location which he happened to live in and practised his non-thundery voice. After pretty much mastering ‘The Voice’ he returned to the secret location where the pig family happened to live and didn’t even bother trying to break in, he just said “I’m back from the, the, the wherever I went and I’ve got you all some treats.” “Show us your feet!” yelled the piglets. Timmy the lion hoped pig’s feet were yellow. His slimy, dirty, fat and beastly foot was held up to the window in the door.                                          
Suddenly, Timmy found himself at the Sunday fair rubbing candyfloss onto his feet to make them pink after being rejected by the piglets. The candyfloss crawled all over his feet.

After no yellow was showing, Timmy headed back to the secret location that the pigs happened to live in. “Okay come in,” the piglets said when Timmy finished showing the pigs his feet.

It took quite a long time for the piglets to open the heavy iron reinforced door, but when they did… Timmy the lion came in and swallowed all of the twenty-seven piglets except one of them which was hiding in a cardboard box. So Timmy went away for a nap.

Coincidentally mother pig arrived just as Timmy left and questioned what was going on. So as fast as the wind the last piglet explained everything.

After waking him up, confronting Timmy the lion and tranquillising him, mother pig went to the secret location that her and her family happened to live in and got her scissors and sewing needles. The scissors sunk into Timmy’s belly like a hot knife in butter.   

When all of her children were out of Timmy’s belly they helped mother pig fill Timmy with rocks. When Timmy woke up he was a boulder as he rolled down the hill into the bottom of the river because the rocks made him extremely heavy.

VICTORY!!! thought the pigs when they heard a humongous SPLASH! They celebrated all night and lived happily ever after.

Until the morning when father pig came home, and the house fell down and crushed them all!

The End.

‘The Oversized Minion And The Seventeen Newts’
By George, Age 9, Year 4, 2015.

Based On A Story By The Brothers Grimm
Gifted & Talented Writing: Years 3 & 4
Once there was a newt called Stephanette who possessed seventeen young newts. Stephanette went out to buy some food from Countdown. Stephanette said “If an oversized minion asks to come in, don’t let him. He has one eye with a silver-rimmed one-eyed pair of glasses. He wears black shoes and a blue singlet connected to a blue pair of shorts. He is yellow, and simply rude and greedy. So don’t let him in, okay?” “Okay,” replied all seventeen newts, only understanding the fact that the oversized minion was yellow.

The next minute there was a knock at the door. “Let me in newts, I’ve got boxes of favourites for each of you, it’s your mother um… Stephanie, yeah Stephanie,” the oversized minion managed to blurt this out, which took one whole hour. “Our Mum’s name isn’t Stephanie, her name is Stephanette, you have to be the oversized minion,” the newts all said in disgust. “And Mum doesn’t have a gollum like voice, she has a soft voice.” So the oversized minion stomped off and came back in five seconds.

There was a knock on the door. “Can I please come in,” said the minion, now in a soft voice. “Hmmm… put your foot up to the window on the door.” So the minion lay down and put his fat shoe up to the window. “Our Mum doesn’t wear black shoes, she wears Nike shoes, you have to be the oversized minion,” said the seventeen newts.

So the oversized minion ran (well very slowly) to Rebel Sport. He jumped through the window of Rebel Sport, and stole some Nike shoes without being seen (which is hard to do when you’re twice as big as an average human) and ran back to the house of the newts.

The oversized minion knocked on the door (again). “Let me in, I forgot my keys, but I have boxes of favourites for each of you,” the oversized minion said in a soft voice. Having said that, the newts said “Hmmmmmmmm… put your foot up to the window on the door.” So the oversized minion did as he was told and gladly put one of his brand new Nike shoes up to the window. “Come in,” said the seventeen newts anxiously.

The oversized minion came in and swallowed all of the seventeen newts, well that’s what he thought. There was one newt (Jeff, the youngest of all the newts) left, hiding in one of his Mum’s many watches. The oversized minion walked out slowly (because he was carrying a lot of body-weight) and Stephanette (the seventeen newt’s mother) who was hiding behind the biggest tree she could find, came in.

Out popped Jeff (the newt that was hiding in the watch). Jeff told Stephanette his story of what he had witnessed. Stephanette sprinted outside with Jeff and it wasn’t long before they discovered where the oversized minion was.

The oversized minion was lying down looking like lots of food had entered his body.  His eyes were closed. Now was the perfect opportunity for Stephanette to get her hairdressing scissors (she was a hairdresser) and cut open the oversized minion, and she did. Out popped all sixteen newts.

Then, all seventeen newts went and individually collected some rocks from the river-side and stuffed them into the oversized minion. Stephanette sewed the oversized minion up and all of the newts rolled (which was very hard because they were as small as ants) the oversized minion into the river. The oversized minion drowned. The family of newts were reunited! They all shouted “Hooray!” And they all lived happily ever after.

The End.

‘The Pig and the Seven Chicks’
By Anna, Age 9, Year 4, 2015

Based On A Story By The Brothers Grimm
Gifted & Talented Writing: Year 3 & 4
Once upon a time there lived a pig. He was fat and bright pink. He only had one personality, he was very greedy (food greedy) which of course is the reason why he was plump. He loved to eat baby chickens. In fact his favourite food was chicks.

On the other side of town lived a posh red and yellow feathery chicken and her chicks. One day the mother chicken had to go and get cornflakes from the supermarket.

Before she left she made sure her little chicks knew that they were not allowed to open the door to strangers because she knew a pig who loved to eat baby chickens was on the loose. But the little chicks were not paying attention because they were playing their favourite video-game: Dragon Defenders.

A few minutes after Mother chicken had left there was a knock at the door. “Come in!” shouted the six baby chicks, completely forgetting what their mother had said. The pig entered the room licking his chops. Thoughts of endless dinners swirled around in his head.

For the first time ever the six chicks peeled their eyes away from the screen, which had the words ‘Level 92 Complete’ beared across it. They all screamed. The pig chuckled creepily like a witch.

He gobbled up all of them except for one. The one he didn’t eat was the littlest chick who spent all his days reading books. He was sitting in the pantry lost in his book, totally oblivious to what was going on outside.

After the pig had finished eating what he thought was all of the chicks, he went outside to sunbathe on the dewy grass next to the screaming, gushing river. The river was a squirming snake, slithering from side to side.

When Mother chicken came back and saw that the living room was empty she immediately suspected that the pig had eaten her babies.

She stormed outside with a knife that was as sharp as a shark’s tooth. It gleamed in the sunlight as she tore open the pig’s stomach. It was a startling sight.

She then pulled out six scared baby chickens. Suddenly then, she had a terrible thought. “Where is my seventh chick Oscar?” But, she felt relieved when she remembered that when she had left he was sitting in the pantry reading and probably hadn’t moved since.

Before she sewed the pig’s tummy up again she filled it with coco pops which she stole from the supermarket. She carefully tipped them into his tummy and then sewed him back up.

When the pig awoke he staggered over to the river to get a drink. He felt like his stomach was heavier than usual, weighing him down.

Suddenly he tumbled head-first into the river.

Well let’s just say... HE WAS NEVER SEEN AGAIN!!!!!! Dun, dun, dun… THE END!!

‘The Wolf and The Seven Kids
By Haylee, Age 8, Year 3, 2015.

Based On A Story By The Brothers Grimm
Gifted & Talented Writing: Year 3 & 4

Once upon a time there was mother goat with seven kids. Mother goat loved them so much. She cared about them so much.

One day mother goat said to her lovely seven kids “I need to go to the forest to get some berries. Don’t open the door while I’m picking berries. There is a wolf that might come and eat you up. The wolf has a big and scratchy voice, and he has black, hairy feet with claws as sharp as a knife. You will easily know who he is if he comes.”

Not long after mother goat left to get berries, there was a loud knock at the door. “Open the door my darlings!” said the wolf in a big and scratchy voice. “Momma has some berries for you to eat.

“You are definitely not our mother,” said the kids to the wolf. “Your voice is big and scratchy. Our mother’s voice is as soft as the wind.”

The wolf had an idea. He thought that he was going to change his big and scratchy voice to a soft voice. Knock, knock, knock! “Open the door little kids,” said the wolf in a soft voice. “Momma’s here with the berries.”

The seven kids shouted at the wolf “Show us your top left foot at the window of the front door!” When the wolf lifted up his top left foot, they cried “You're not our mother! Our mother has white feet. You must be the wolf!”

The wolf ran down the street to the market with a baker’s shop. In it he found some white flour and poured it all over his feet.

Knock! Knock! Knock! “Open the door! It’s Momma,” the wolf said.” “Show us your feet” said the kids. The wolf showed his white feet and the kids opened the door.

WOLF!!! One by one the wolf swallowed the six little kids! The wolf couldn’t find the seventh kid who was hiding in the grandfather clock.

Suddenly, mother goat walked in and looked around. “Oh no! What has happened to my kids?” The seventh kid crawled out from the clock and told her everything. Shedding tears, mother goat went out to find the wolf. She didn’t have to go far. The wolf was near sleeping. Mother goat saw his tummy move. “My kids are still alive!” she said. Then she got some scissors, a needle and some thread.

Carefully she cut the wolf’s stomach. Out jumped the six kids: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6! They were all alive and well. The seven kids went to the stream to get some rocks to put in the wolf. Mother goat sewed his stomach with the needle and thread.

The wolf woke and said “Why is my tummy so heavy?” He walked: clunk, clunk, clunk to the stream to get a drink. He bent over the water and SPLASH! He was gone.

Mother goat and her seven kids jumped up and down with happiness. They lived happily ever after.

The End.
‘Rabbit In Boots’
By Ava, Age 8, Year 3, 2015.

Based On A Story By Charles Perrault
Gifted & Talented Writing: Year 3 & 4

Once there was a farmer who owned a mill. He had two sons and one daughter. The eldest son got the mill, the second son got a horse and cart and the daughter got a little white rabbit.

“What should I do with a useless rabbit?” said the daughter. “I am not useless,” said the rabbit.
“Give me a pair of of crimson boots and see what happens,” replied the rabbit. The daughter gave him a pair of crimson boots, then the rabbit went to the woods of Large Feet.

Rabbit found a sack of bread close to a pond of ducks. He left the sack of bread close to the pond and ducks waddled in the sack. “Got ya!” said the rabbit.

The rabbit gave the king the ducks. “This is from Lady Margaret,” said the rabbit. The king was very pleased.

The rabbit heard the King and Prince were taking tours while riding the coach by the river. “Lady, take a swim in this river while I’ll do the rest,” said the rabbit. As the king’s coach drove by the river rabbit said “Help, Lady Margaret is drowning!” The king ordered his guards to rescue Lady Margaret. She was soaking wet so the king gave Lady Margaret some lovely clothes.

She looked so pretty that the Prince fell in love with her. “Lady Margaret,” said the king, “Would you join us for a ride?” So the youngest daughter rode on the king’s coach.

The rabbit ran to a big grain field and said to the workers “If the king asks who the field belongs to, say it belongs to Lady Margaret.” The rabbit hissed “Or, I’ll come back and bite you”.

Moments later, the king arrived and said “Who does this grain field belong to?” “It belongs to Lady Margaret” said one of the workers.

The rabbit came to a cattle farm. “If the king asks who this belongs to, say it belongs to Lady Margaret.”

When the king’s coach was near, the king wondered, ‘Who does this farm belong to?’ “It belongs to Lady Margaret,” said one of the farmers.

The rabbit ran off to a castle where a fierce giant lived, and who owned both the grain and cattle farm. The rabbit bowed to the giant and said “I’ve heard about your powers, you can turn into any animal, so can you turn into a rat?” “Yes,” the giant replied and in a ping the giant had turned into a rat. In a gobble the giant got eaten by the rabbit.

The king was waiting outside of the giant’s castle. He saw the rabbit and said “Does this castle belong to Lady Margaret?” “Yes,” replied the rabbit.

The prince fell in love with Lady Margaret, got married, and they lived happily ever after.

The End.

‘Chicken Nugget In Boots’
By Gary, Age 7, Year 3, 2015.

Based On A Story By Charles Perrault
Gifted & Talented Writing: Year 3 & 4
Once there was a peasant with three children. He owned three treasures which were a chicken nugget, a gun and a time machine. When the peasant died the sons divided the peasant’s treasures; the smallest got the chicken nugget, the second son got the gun and the biggest son got the time machine.

“What can I do with a useless chicken nugget?” said the smallest son. Suddenly, the chicken nugget turned into a chicken and he said “Just give me a pair of boots, and an old bag and just see what happens.”

At night the chicken in boots put the bag in the forest and filled it with dog food. One hour later a dog went into the bag, and the chicken in boots pulled the rope tight and waited for the next day.

The next morning the chicken in boots gave the king the dog and said “My master Lord Carabas sent me to give you this dog for a pet.” “Thank you,” said the king. “Tell your master that I thank him very much.”

So from that day the chicken in boots always caught or brought things to the king and said my Lord Carabas sent me to give you this.

One day the chicken in boots told his master to take his clothes off and have a swim in the lake. While his master was swimming the chicken hid his clothes behind a rock and yelled “HELP! HELP! My master is drowning! Robbers took his clothes and he’s drowning!” Hurriedly the king came in a jetpack with some slaves and rescued the chicken’s master. He gave him some clothes and brought him to the castle.

Meanwhile, the chicken in boots had gone to a giant’s castle and bowed. “What a gifted and talented giant you are?” “Thank you,” said the giant. “I have heard that you can turn into anything,” said the chicken. “Yes I can do that. I’ll show you,” and suddenly the giant turned into a huge lion. “WOW!” said the chicken in boots. “But, I’m sure it’s impossible for you to turn into something small.” “I can do that too,” and the giant turned into a seed. Suddenly the chicken in boots gulped the seed into his belly.

Then he ran to the castle where his master was brought to and said “I have found a castle that we can live in.”

The king arrived and asked if the peasant’s son owned the castle. He said “Yes, I am Lord Carabus and I own this castle.”

So Lord Carabus married the king’s daughter and they lived happily ever after with their chicken in boots in the giant’s castle.

The End.